"A wicked messenger brings destruction, but a Faithful Envoy brings healing." Proverbs 13:17

Our Mission

Our purpose is to unite in the fight against human trafficking by partnering with organizations and individuals, equipping our commmunity, and restoring the wounded through the healing love of Jesus.


Our goal is to provide any resources we can to organizations or individuals pursuing the fight against human trafficking. Whatever the need is, we intend to help! (ie. volunteer recruitment, financial support, fundraising events, aid in starting a business or nonprofit, etc.) So far, we have networked with over 20 organizations and we are helping several individuals begin their endeavors in fighting human trafficking.


Our goal is to educate the public about the issue of human trafficking. We want to help you identify signs of trafficking in your daily surroundings, community, field of work and travel and know how to report these signs to trained professionals.

We are engaged in community events such as parades, concerts, and fairs to distribute awareness literature about trafficking, do prayer walks, and seek the opportunity to pray with people we get to meet there. We are building an education program (6-week series), consisting of curriculum and awareness outreach events for each age group. Currently, we are making progress on writing a book for teaching children about the danger of human trafficking.


Our goal is to help restore those who have been impacted by the world of human trafficking. Each member of God’s Kingdom is called to be a faithful envoy, an ambassador of Christ, to share the only message that brings true healing & hope in every area of darkness: Jesus died and was resurrected for each person to be redeemed. We want to equip and encourage followers of Jesus to share this healing message with survivors, buyers, and traffickers. To share this message, our prayer team prays with those who have been exploited. We are currently working to provide a 24/7 counseling hotline as additional support throughout their healing journey.